Volunteering to Learn – Nepal

Volunteer in Nepal – Homestay Program, English Teaching, Organic Farming, Orphanage Support & more…

What We Provide


You will be met outside the airport terminal by a VLN representative holding a placard with your name on it.  The representative will take you to your guest house. Please provide us your flight information as soon as possible so that a punctual pick-up can be arranged. If you are planning to arrive by bus let us know when and what time you are arriving in Kathmandu. Just in case give us a call.

Orientation and Training

We offer 3 days to 5 days of  orientation and training at our office, depending on the type of programs. These trainings help volunteers to understand our organization, various programs and opportunities, country, Nepali language and culture, safety measures, visa issues, dos and don’ts, etc. During the orientation and training period in Kathmandu, we arrange placements in local host families within walking distance of Thamel. This provides them an introduction to Nepalese family, language and culture.

During the orientation and training period, you will be participating in:

  • 2 hours basic Nepali language class per day
  • Cultural information/safety issues
  • Volunteers’ interests, programs & opportunities, and placement information
  • Sightseeing in Kathmandu every day after training
  • Shopping opportunities upon request

Note: If you want to take a break for any reason after the orientation and training progrm, for sightseeing, trekking, etc. then, of course, you may do so. And, we will be pleased to provide you with assistance.


After the orientation and training, we transfer you to your working area.  Our staff will accompany you to the host family and help you settle in.


Volunteers either stay at a home with local families or if working in an orphanage they often stay in the orphanage and volunteers working at monastery stay at the monastery. Nepali people are extremely hospitable and volunteers will be well looked after however the accommodation will be typically Nepali and therefore basic by Western standards. Toilets and showers are usually Nepali style, and the electricity supply in many places can be unreliable. Most of our homestay families have lots of previous experience in looking after volunteers. Volunteers staying in orphanages or at the monastery are given their own room within the orphanage.  Volunteers with families stay in a simple single room with a bed.


Based on Nepalese dining customs, the host provides two major meals a day plus two tea and snack breaks.  Tea is served around 7 am.  Brunch is served around 9 to 10 am and is usually typical nepali food, dal/bhat (rice, lentils, and vegetables).  Tea is served again at around 2 pm with local snacks. Dinner is at around 7 to 8 pm. The food is very simple but also extremely tasty and filling. In addition, you can purchase other food items if requried.

Work Hours

The number of hours worked by volunteers will depend upon the area of volunteer work. The Nepali work week falls from Sunday – Friday with Saturday being the only day off. Volunteers work from 3-5 hours per day with the opportunity to work more if you choose. Times for each placement vary, when working in children’s homes or at the monastery you will teach and help them in the morning before school and for a few hours after school. Hours are approximately 6:30-9am and 5:30-7:30pm.  However these are just approximations, as we try and tailor your hours to the needs of the children.

Letter of Appreciation

Once you finish your placement, you will get a VLN’s letter of appreciation stating the time and place you have worked.