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Teaching English

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Knowing English has become essential for men and women throughout Nepal.  It is an official part of the curriculum in all schools.  However, few native English speakers are available.

Teaching English Program is a fantastic way to immerse yourself in daily life and customs and make friends while leaving lasting impressions   on the people you work with along the way. Native English speakers are needed to teach and help children with conversation, writing, reading and listening.  In return, you can enjoy the satisfaction, smiles and laughter of the children.

The Teaching English program allows participants to choose from giving informal lessons to their host family or local communities, or assisting or teaching at the elementary, middle or high-schools level or helping out with libraries.

In schools, students range from 5-16 years old.  Each class typically includes 30-50 students.  Daily lessons follow the Nepali students’ standard book.  However volunteers are also encouraged to create their own lesson plans; many have found inspiration for lessons online.

Each institution has its own permanent staff member who assists volunteers with their teaching and in communicating with the children and colleagues. Classes generally run six days a week, with four to six class periods each day and a break for lunch.

Volunteers may also help establish community libraries and support the current library in the community schools. For this, both technical and financial support from the volunteers will be highly appreciated. If possible, the volunteers are kindly requested to bring English books, teaching materials, stationery items and sports materials.