Orphanage Program

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Orphanage Program

Every year, hundreds of children leave their destitute villages to find work in Nepal’s crowded cities. And, many children become orphans due to natural calamities, conflicts or natural deaths. Most of these children lack education, basic health care, food and end up working as child laborers in restaurants, hotels, garment factories or as domestic servants.. Many also become street children as well.  These disadvantaged children need attention, love, care, and the opportunity for education.

Children at Social Development Center

We place volunteers with organizations that provides orphaned children with care and education that can lead them to brighter futures. Activities may include:

  • teaching basic English
  • teaching drawing, painting and other creative outlets
  • teaching math and science
  • organizing tours, games, singing or dancing
  • helping children get ready for school
  • guiding them through homework
  • preparing food and providing maintenance in their living quarters

Our Orphanage Program is an enriching and life changing experience for both volunteers and the children. Many of ormer volunteers report that this project in particular has changed the way they view the world.