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Udaya, thank you for showing me around your wonderful Organic Farm and teaching me about all of your plants. It has been wonderful staying here, and learning about life on the farm. I am only sorry that my Nepali is not very good, but thank you for the effort in trying to teach me as much as possible.

Sadhana and Sebika, thank you both so much for the wonderful food. I feel as though I have eaten like a Queen with all of this delicious organic food. You both have such beautiful smiles and are such a joy to be around. And, thank you Hajuraama for feeding me all of the tasty lychees and for always looking after me. And, Subash thank you for showing me around town, and take care of your arm!

Thank you all for everything and for opening up your home to me. Keep in touch.

P.O. Box – 62
Whitefish, MT 59937

What a peaceful retreat in the middle of a long trip!! I stayed at organic farm called “Eternal Farming” in Chitwan. I am enormously grateful to Volunteer and Learn Nepal for providing me this amazing opportunity.

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I learnt in this wonderful organic farm so many new things: how to milk a buffalo, how to make ghee, how to make gas from buffalo’s poo, how to cook some simple and delicious Nepali meals, how to make plates with leaves… and, most important, I had a real occasion to be in touch with Nepali life and culture. I admire the harmony and the beauty of this nice family. Everyone has been so kind and smily. Special thanks to Sadhana for the delicious food she cooks!! And thanks to Udaya for all the time he spent talking with me about the differences between Nepal and France. And, thanks to Sebika for her active presence when all the kids of the village came together to learn English and to play. And, thanks to Subash for his incredible smile. And, last but not least, big big thanks to Parbati for being what she is: a wonderful old woman, full of ideas and kindness. I hope that she will achieve her project of building a library and a first-aid center in the village.

Good luck to all of you!!

Judith Noire
Boulogne, Billancourt

Where to start? It has been such memorable, fun, happy and enjoyable experience. The family were so kind and generous. I felt right at home straight away, and now I have a Nepali family. The farm is amazing, so many lychees! I have learnt so much, and had such a fun time doing it.

Sadhana – Thank for all the cooking, it really is amazing. You should open up an organic restaurant in Kathmandu! You have been like a mum to me, something I have missed a lot! You are so kind and helpful, and you have an amazing family, and two great kids.

Parbati – Such a wise, open, honest woman. An inspiration, still such vital member of the community at the grand all age of 84.

Subash – A future Nepali caram-board champion. Always happy, smiling, like a kid brother should be.

Sebika – Happy, beautiful with an infectious smile and laugh. Thank for all the laundry, washing, and for assisting on doing the washing up. You are so bright, you will go far in whatever you do.

And finally Udaya – you are so kind, enthusiastic, generous, interesting and a real character. Thank you for showing your wonderful family with me, for asking so many questions, and teaching me so much. You opened your family to me and I really do feel I belong. Just wish I could stay a little longer.

Thank you to everyone, you all have made my time in Nepal so unique and I have many happy memories that I will remember for a very long time.

Good luck with all your many projects.

Chris Miller (Nepali Name: Pritam Babu)
E. Sussex
United Kingdom

Now, I don’t believe i’ve been in Nepal for 3 months. How time goes so rapidely that I don’t feel ready to leave now since I’ve adjusted to the lifestyle and environment around me. I would just like say a huge thanks to Durga, Bishnu and Pramila for accepting me as a volunteer to their organization. It’s a shame I didn’t know about your organization earlier, otherwise I would have liked to participate in many more projects you have an offer for good cause. I have enjoyed participating Sankhu Palibari farm and painting at ‘Nil Ganga’ School.

Many thanks, All my love, Ann

If you’ve been a volunteer through Volunteering to Learn, and would like to share some memories, please leave a comment below.